Asian Oriental Fine Art Paintings, Lithographs, Canvas Giclee titled:

Hi. I Love You.

Title: Hi. I Love You.
Year Published: 1997
Limited Edition There is no difference in color between limited edition
& artist proof, only the quantity produced for each.
(signed & numbered): Artist Proof During the printing process, the artist personally
approves the color of the initial run, hence Artist
Proof. Plus, it has a much smaller numbered
edition than Limited Edition.
(signed & numbered):
  • Lithograph: 35
  • Canvas Giclee: 10
Image Size (width x height in inches):
  • Lithograph: 27-1/4 x 19
  • Canvas Giclee: 30 x 20
Description: A pretty, pig tailed girl carries a doll in a basket. To her, the dolls not simply a thing made of fabric and stuffing, but alive and her very best friend. The girl looks at her doll with love and tenderness, and it seems, to her, that the doll is saying, "Hi. I Love You.".