If you wish to obtain a written appraisal from Wai Ming for any of his original art work that is in your collection, please read the following carefully on what Wai Ming will require from you for each item, in-order for you to receive a written appraisal for each item.

You must provide printed photographs, can be from a film or digital camera of the following areas of the art work, make sure that they do not come out too dark (NOTE: do not use camera phones and do not print using black and white/color laser or inkjet printers): Where to send to & what to include: Wai Ming (appraisal)
354 Ardendale Drive
Daly City, CA 94014-1410

Due to the high demand of appraisal requests, current wait time can be up to a few months for your appraisal to be processed. Once it's finished, the appraisal will be sent to you via USPS Mail. All materials will be kept for our records and will not be returned to you.