Asian Oriental Fine Art Paintings, Lithographs, Canvas Giclee titled:

Fishgirl with Braids

Title: Fishgirl with Braids
Year Published: 1976
Limited Edition There is no difference in color between limited edition
& artist proof, only the quantity produced for each.
(signed & numbered): Artist Proof During the printing process, the artist personally
approves the color of the initial run, hence Artist
Proof. Plus, it has a much smaller numbered
edition than Limited Edition.
(signed & numbered):
  • Lithograph: 50
Image Size (width x height in inches):
  • Lithograph: 18 x 22
Description: The girls hair is braided in the traditional style of her people, the fisher-folk of Hong Kong. It is simple, yet elegant as it frames the girls round, ruddy cheeks, soulful eyes and delicate full lips.